Singet! sings in Windlesham

On Friday 6th September, ten of the A Cappella group, now named ‘Singet!’, arrived at Windlesham Church Hall to give a performance at the Surrey Heath Mayor’s Reception for Carers in the Surrey Heath area. We were smartly dressed in our SHS Black with a splash of red – Richard and John’s red bow ties had only arrived by post that morning! Julia had a laptop with a keyboard programme which gave us the opening notes to each song. Andy turned up to listen to our final warm-up and to give us some much needed encouragement – we did feel that this was exam day! The audience had arrived, the Mayor said a few words and we were on! No music! We walked into the Church Hall to find everyone standing and only a few feet away, which was somewhat disconcerting, but at least they looked friendly.

Our first song, Can’t Buy Me Love was warmly received and we were relieved to see people smiling and some even singing along. Then we sang Long Time Ago, followed by the marathon Blue Moon – memorising 13 pages of ‘Do Do’ and ‘Do Ba’ has its difficulties, but we all finished at the same time. I’ve Got Rhythm was next, including the rest at the last bar and we thought we were on a roll. We were then stopped and we filed out, not sure whether they wanted us back or not, but it was to give the audience more wine and nibbles. After about 15 minutes we all trooped in again to a considerably noisier but still friendly audience. We sang Danny Boy and as we all wanted to finish on a positive note we sang Bare Necessities – ‘Ba da ba da ba – Yeah!’

Our thanks to Crispin for arranging the performance, to Crispin and Richard for emailing us practice tracks and to Andy for his coaching and encouragement, they were all a great help in making our performance successful.

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