SHS Photographic Competition 2013

Judge’s Comments
As in previous competitions, all the entries were coded and passed to an independent photographer to be judged anonymously. There were 52 photographs entered – so plenty of choice for the judge.

Winner – Terrapins by Madeleine Chowne
Chosen because of the interesting subject matter and excellent composition. To have all the terrapins’ heads standing to attention is amusing and pleasing to the eye. With the extra bonus of the dragonfly at bottom left and eye catching colour reflection, a lovely capture.

Runner up – 100 mile beach by Crispin Kirkman
I immediately loved this image, it failed to reach first place because technically it is over exposed, losing too much detail top right. But a painterly image with strong presence and good lines. It reminds me of the work of artist Jack Vettriano and I would love to see this large on a wall.

Eight commended pictures (in no particular order)
The following images have been chosen for their representation of the subject, technical delivery of the image and commercially pleasing presentation:

  • Pasque Flower on the Rocks – Ann Fenton – Eye catching image in unusual situation
  • Canoes on Emerald Lake (British Columbia) – David Markby – Stunning location shot, nice composition
  • Wild Flowers aplenty – Salma Sams – Lovely representation of a beautiful collection of wild flowers.
  • Windlesham Arboretum – Tom Wakes – Stunning colours and reflections. Great image
  • Canal Houses, Amsterdam – Julie Gregg – Lovely travel image, well representing the location.
  • Dutch Lake at Clearwater (British Columbia) – David Markby – Jetty’s a personal favourite. Good leading lines and interesting subject with good foreground detail.
  • Croatian Sunset – Tom Wakes – Lovely image, very calming. I love the painterly effect.
  • Tree Nymph Butterfly – Ann Fenton – Great capture of stunning subject

These photos can be viewed here

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