A Musicals Quiz Night

A quiz evening for SHS – what could the theme be?  Ah Yes!  Musicals of stage and screen.

So on 15 March 2014 we gathered at St Peters Church hall in Frimley for the quiz evening.  We were apprehensive – what would the evening be like?  Would the fine filleted fish, fresh from the fryer, be tasty as promised?  Would the quiz questions be just too hard for us?

DSCF8824aWell we were soon to start to find the answers to these questions.  I thought the fryers of Frimley Rd did a very good job, as my fish supper was delicious.

After supper we got down to the harder work of finding correct answers to the quiz questions.  The projected display gave us all a good view of the film clips and photos and the answers began to flow. But were they right?  One or two glasses of beer or wine later we were beginning to enjoy the evening.  Some tables were very competitive; others less so; but we were all trying to get all the answers.

DSCF8822aThe questions kept coming thick and fast but my answers were not coming so quickly.  But we were all having some fun.  At the end of the questions a winning table was declared and congratulated.

However, the real congratulations should go to Ian our quizmaster and to Julie and her team of organisers who gave us all a most enjoyable and profitable evening.

Thank you.

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