Cancellation of Concert

Last night we announced the cancellation of our concert planned for 4 April. We have no option but to do so given the current emergency advice from government. There will be no more rehearsals until further notice.
We are sorry to have to do this but we are mitigating the losses of all concerned. Your ticket cost will have been refunded to you last night or will be very shortly. We have been working hard as a team to make sure that the cost of the cancellation is as small as possible. We do not expect to have an unmanageable loss as a result.

We have no way to plan reliably for the summer term and you will remember that we are recruiting for two new MDs. We will follow the recruitment process as far as possible given the constraints and we still aim to have some form of auditions in the summer if we can. If this is not possible we have put in place some temporary candidates who could step in at any stage to help us. At present we are keeping the 4 July date on file for a concert or event of some sort. This will be subject to conditions at the time.

We still have a possible participation in St Peters Evensong on 14 June but we will need to establish if it will still be viable.  We will keep you informed.

The current Puccini and Rossini programme may be moved to our 14 November concert date in order to capitalise on all the good work done by us all so far with these wonderful works. We will let you know if this is possible. In the meantime please find a way to pass your music back to Sylvia as soon as you can.

These are unprecedented times. I have circulated an appeal from High Cross. They are trying to do all they can. May I suggest that we try to help each other. We have a Facebook page and this could be used as a contact forum for both offers and needs for help within the choir. Look for a link to it on our web site. This will be a real test of our community spirit.

Please keep well and look after yourselves and others.
Kind Regards

Chairman – Surrey Heath Singers
March 17, 2020

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