Tips for Meetings on Zoom

Some tips for having a good Zoom meeting

  1. Join early – its a good idea to join the meeting a few minutes early, in case of problems
  2. Lighting:  Try to get your lighting right – we want to see your face and not a silhouette.
    Get light onto your face and avoid the camera pointing at light sources, like windows or lamps
  3. Camera Position:  Try to get the camera at eye-level – you look much better that way
  4. Controls:  Know how to work the audio and video controls in Zoom
    Practice with a friend if you are a novice
    Click here for controls guide
  5. Only one person can be heard at any time:
    In larger meetings, it may be necessary to wait your turn to speak
    Raise your hand to get the attention of the meeting chair
  6. Stay muted:  Audio feedback can be a problem in Zoom meetings, as can ambient noise.  Sit well away from unwanted noise, if possible.  Use headphones or ear-plugs, if you have them.
    Keep your microphone OFF (muted) – unless speaking, of course.
    On a PC, the space-bar will unmute the audio while pressed
  7. If the meeting ends abruptly, wait a minute and rejoin the same meeting.  If you get disconnected, the Zoom application will normally rejoin the meeting for you
  8. Be sure your computer has a good connection to the internet.
    Zoom uses a lot of bandwidth and needs a good internet connection to work well.  For best WiFi, locate the computer close to the router

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