Melody Player Software

For some time now I have been preparing mp3 practice files for the choir, which have been made available through our website. You can listen to the tracks directly from the website, or download them for playing on mobile mp3 players, or other equipment. For each piece of music, separate files are made for each voice part. I find these tracks pretty useful when on the move, but at home, I don’t use the mp3s. I use software called ‘Melody Assistant’ to play the tracks in their original form. This gives me the ability to do all sorts of things, such as slowing the music down (and back up again), playing my part on its own, altering the volume of voice parts and instruments, playing a selected loop over and over, and loads more. In addition, the music and words scroll on the computer screen as it plays. It’s a great aid to learning, so wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had access to these facilities?

Now, as luck would have it, the publishers of Melody Assistant (Myriad Software) have brought out a new program called “Melody Player” which directly plays files produced on Melody Assistant, with no need to convert them to mp3s. It also gives you the ability to do all the things mentioned above. It’s very good for playing midi files too. The programme only came out recently and I have only had a very brief time to try it out, but I am sure many members of the choir would find it really useful. It seems quite easy to use and there is a good help file to explain the use of all the functions. To get the programme Google ‘Melody Player’ and download it from the ‘Myriad’ site   I have arranged with Tim to put files readable by Melody Player on the website, so that choir members can download them. These files are tiny compared to mp3s by the way, so you don’t need to worry about disk space.

Just for the record, I have no connection with Myriad, I am just a keen user of their software.

Richard Ashworth

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