2021 December Events

Tuesday 7th December at 6 pm we have been invited to sing at: Jakes Play World in Trilakes Country Park, Yateley Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire GU47 8JQ
The event will last for a couple of hours. It will be outside but under cover. Those who have attended this before will know how rewarding it is to support the Knights Foundation in their work for disabled children and their families. Please update the doodle poll that Matthew has circulated or let us know on Monday if you can attend. We will have a keyboard and Joanna from St Peters will accompany us.

Saturday 11th December – Bagshot Big Bash 2 -6pm – SHS Singing 5.15 -6pm.
Includes Blessing of Xmas tree by the vicar of Mary’s church Andreas Sigtig and Cllr Valerie White switching on lights. We also have the opportunity to fundraise for SHS, with or without a separate stall; could bring our own canopy & buckets during the afternoon.

Thursday 16 December 6:00pm – Ashwood House has been cancelled.

Monday 20th December – Frimley Park Hospital have reluctantly had to cancel the invitation to sing at FPH.

Your 100 Carols books will be needed for each of these events.

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