Summer 2022 Newsletter

Dear All

Thank you to all that helped to make our American Musicals concert such a success. Great work by Ed and Geoff to keep us going in the heat. A full audience as a result of much work behind the scenes with promotion and ticketing. 

New Venue
We now look forward to a new era in a new venue at St Peter’s, Frimley. Our first rehearsal will be on Monday 5 September. We will be looking at all aspects of the new venue to make sure the transition is as smooth as it can be for all of us. The issue of parking (the only item identified as negative by members) will be addressed and full details issued before September.

Annual General Meeting
Our AGM will take place on Monday 3 October. We have put this back slightly because we are aware that in the aftermath of Covid many are still catching up on holidays and we want to have as many of you at the meeting as we can.

Last term there was a detailed review by the committee of our financial position and those at the rehearsal concerned will know that I had to open a debate on the direction we could take as a choir in view of our reduced membership and therefore the income we derive from each of you every year. The committee reviewed all aspects of income and expenditure and this resulted in a number of changes the most important two of which were:

1. Reduction of our outgoings related to the venue for rehearsals and concerts.
2. Increase in subscriptions from September 2022.

The first action is now well known to you and we believe will result in a number of positive elements including improved venue and increased community relationships.
The second is painful but necessary and we will increase the subscriptions to £150 per year. We are now only attracting 30-40 members regularly which results in a significant reduction in our income. We will continue to offer the option of payment termly for those who wish to do so. In addition, we will introduce a monthly standing order option of £15 per month for 10 months. You will see the detail for this in the forthcoming renewal documents which will be issued soon.

Have a great summer!

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