Singet! is the a cappella arm of Surrey Heath Singers – a cappella singing is unaccompanied, so we have to make all the harmonies and rhythms with our voices. We perform as part of the Singers’ outreach programme, and for special events, usually in smaller venues although we often sing as part of a programme for larger concerts.

We formed in early 2013, and in our first year we have sung for the mayor’s reception, as part of the Surrey Heath Museum’s Summer exhibition, for care homes, and even a breakfast seminar of 150 local business leaders. Most recently we sang to celebrate a golden wedding. We hope shortly to start a programme of singing in local workplaces at lunchtime, and to do more to support local charities.

We have a range of music “ready to go”, so that we can perform at quite short notice, whether at community events or booked privately for special occasions. We have a core membership of 10 singers who are regularly available, and other members of the Singers supplement the numbers from time to time.

We have a repertoire aimed to entertain, (we get fun from doing it so we hope our audiences do too), and are adding a range of choral music for special events such as weddings, funerals, and christenings.

Singing in small groups teaches many skills – listening and blending, as well as developing a closer contact with your audiences. We greatly enjoy talking to our audiences after performances, which usually follows in these more intimate settings.

We sing for community events that the Surrey Heath Singers wants to support. You can also hire us for your own private function.

If you need us to learn new music, you have to give us good notice even if the music is a fit with our range of voices.

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