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Did you know that whenever you buy anything online – from your weekly shop to your annual holiday – you could be collecting free donations for Surrey Heath Singers?

There are over 3,000 shops and sites on board ready to make a donation, including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, TheTrainLine and Sainsbury’s – it doesn’t cost you a penny extra!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Head to https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/surreyheathsingers/ and join for free.
  1. Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping.
  1. After you’ve checked out, that retailer will make a donation to your good cause for no extra cost whatsoever!

There are no catches or hidden charges and Surrey Heath Singers will be really grateful for your donations.
Thank you for your support.


With huge thanks.


Comments on the Opera Gala – July 2015

”Marvellous ”, ”fantastic ”, ‘Brilliant concert’
‘A fun evening’
‘One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to’

“I wish they recorded the concert because I would love to buy the CD!”
“The music surpassed concerts I’ve attended in Italy.”
‘Humming chorus absolutely beautiful, very emotional.’

Yes! what a glorious evening and ‘what a party’.
“That was brilliant, we loved it!”
“A friend I came with enjoys visits to the Royal Opera House and didn’t have great expectations, BUT she enjoyed it!”
‘Magic ‘

“Many congratulations for producing an event which could quite well have graced the stage of a London theatre.
Super choice of music with just the right amount of chat and we loved the wine and canapés at the start. Well done!”
“It was a tremendous programme, performed exceptionally well by all the participants”.



Saving MP3 files to your PC, Mac or Android Tablet

For Windows 7 PC

Create a directory on your PC

  • Using Windows Explorer identify Music folder under Libraries and open it
  • Create a new folder in the Music folder (right click – new folder, etc.)

Download the files from the website

  • Find the SHS website www.surreyheathsingers.org.uk
  • Find the Rehearsal tracks – go to Other links > Rehearsal Music > Summer 2014
  • Left click to play the files or
  • Right click and Save link as.. to download the file – save it in the folder created above
  • Repeat to save all the files you require

Playing the downloaded files

  • You can play the downloaded mp3 files using Windows Media Player (WMP)
  • Other mp3 players are available
  • In WMP the music files are normally organised by Album

Create a Playlist

  • In WMP – Create Playlist
  • Drag files to the RH sidebar in WMP
    from the list in WMP or from a Windows Explorer window
  • The playlist will normally play the tracks in order

I have heard that some users have difficulty getting these tracks to play loud enough.  There is not much I can do to make the tracks louder without causing distortion, so may I suggest that you try the VLC media player for playing them.  This plays significantly louder than Windows Media Player for example.  You can download it safely from the VLC official site .  Don’t download it from other sites, or you may get a load of unwanted stuff included.



For Mac iOS

Create a folder on your Desktop

  • Using Finder – create a new folder in the Desktop folder

Download the files from the website

  • In Safari – find the SHS website www.surreyheathsingers.org.uk
  • Find the Rehearsal tracks – go to Other links > Rehearsal Music > Summer 2014
  • Click to play the files or
  • Ctrl-click and Download Linked File – these go to the Downloads folder
  • Repeat to save all the files you require
  • Move the files from Downloads to the folder created above

Playing the downloaded files

  • You can play the downloaded mp3 files using iTunes or QuickTime Player
  • Other mp3 players are available



For Android

Create a folder on your tablet

  • Using Astro File Manager (or similar) – create a new folder in the Music folder

Download the files from the website

  • In web browser – find the SHS website www.surreyheathsingers.org.uk
  • Find the Rehearsal tracks – go to Other links > Rehearsal Music > Summer 2014
  • Click to play the files or
  • Long-click and Save Link – these go to the Downloads folder
  • Repeat to save all the files you require
  • Move the files from Downloads to the folder created above using Astro File Manager (or similar)

Playing the downloaded files

  • You can play the downloaded mp3 files using the default music player
  • Other mp3 players are available


Copying files to MP3 players or SmartPhone

The MP3 files downloaded to your Mac or PC (in the procedures described above) can be copied to an external MP3 player or smartphone.

When MP3 player or SmartPhone is connected to the PC/Mac via a USB port the PC/Mac will usually see the MP3 player’s storage as an external disk. The folder can be copied from the PC/Mac to the MP3 player. Exactly how this will work depends on the type of MP3 player or smartphone and its supporting software.


SHS Photographic Competition 2013

Judge’s Comments
As in previous competitions, all the entries were coded and passed to an independent photographer to be judged anonymously. There were 52 photographs entered – so plenty of choice for the judge.

Winner – Terrapins by Madeleine Chowne
Chosen because of the interesting subject matter and excellent composition. To have all the terrapins’ heads standing to attention is amusing and pleasing to the eye. With the extra bonus of the dragonfly at bottom left and eye catching colour reflection, a lovely capture.

Runner up – 100 mile beach by Crispin Kirkman
I immediately loved this image, it failed to reach first place because technically it is over exposed, losing too much detail top right. But a painterly image with strong presence and good lines. It reminds me of the work of artist Jack Vettriano and I would love to see this large on a wall.

Eight commended pictures (in no particular order)
The following images have been chosen for their representation of the subject, technical delivery of the image and commercially pleasing presentation:

  • Pasque Flower on the Rocks – Ann Fenton – Eye catching image in unusual situation
  • Canoes on Emerald Lake (British Columbia) – David Markby – Stunning location shot, nice composition
  • Wild Flowers aplenty – Salma Sams – Lovely representation of a beautiful collection of wild flowers.
  • Windlesham Arboretum – Tom Wakes – Stunning colours and reflections. Great image
  • Canal Houses, Amsterdam – Julie Gregg – Lovely travel image, well representing the location.
  • Dutch Lake at Clearwater (British Columbia) – David Markby – Jetty’s a personal favourite. Good leading lines and interesting subject with good foreground detail.
  • Croatian Sunset – Tom Wakes – Lovely image, very calming. I love the painterly effect.
  • Tree Nymph Butterfly – Ann Fenton – Great capture of stunning subject

These photos can be viewed here

Andy & Crispin’s ‘Ten Top Tips’

Those who attended the AGM will recognise the priorities listed below for the new Surrey Heath Singers:

  1. Build on the confidence and singing improvement that made the Summer concert so enjoyable, and keep that audience following us
  2.  Work together to learn notes earlier in each term so we can concentrate on how we sing and take our cue from WATCHING THE MUSICAL DIRECTOR
  3. Practice at home, breathe well, be prepared for the music that is just around the corner, work with our neighbours to produce the right notes and a good sound – and open our mouths
  4. Always let your voice rep know if you can’t attend a rehearsal and continue coming to rehearsals even if you’ve indicated that you can’t make the concert. It’s critical for the learning, the team-building and musical development. In any case, we will be increasing the ‘re-cycling’ of music which we have already learned
  5. Use the ‘launch year’ of Surrey Heath Singers to get new interest in us. We are having a strong push at businesses and a new effort to get colleges involved with us.
  6. Encourage friends and any acquaintances to come and hear us, and start to tell others by email, when we go shopping, wherever we meet people. Have our forward programme in our minds, or even our pockets, to tell local people of the good things ‘coming shortly’
  7. Step up and help with some of the activities of the choir, perhaps organising some social activities, coming and knocking on doors to get business support, and help with some publicity tasks
  8. See if we can get some young people to take an interest – we may have something new to offer them soon
  9. Whatever the Surrey Heath Singers decide to do, please be supportive because everything we undertake is chosen to make us stronger for the future
  10. Join in some of the community and external events, so that we can be seen (and heard) around the borough, and can be better appreciated.

Melody Player Software

For some time now I have been preparing mp3 practice files for the choir, which have been made available through our web site. You can listen to the tracks directly from the web site, or download them for playing on mobile mp3 players, or other equipment. For each piece of music, separate files are made for each voice part. I find these tracks pretty useful when on the move, but at home I don’t use the mp3s. I use software called ‘Melody Assistant’ to play the tracks in their original form. This gives me the ability to do all sorts of things, such as slowing the music down (and back up again), playing my part on its own, altering the volume of voice parts and instruments, playing a selected loop over and over, and loads more. In addition the music and words scroll on the computer screen as it plays. It’s a great aid to learning, so wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had access to these facilities?

Now, as luck would have it, the publishers of Melody Assistant (Myriad Software) have brought out a new program called “Melody Player” which directly plays files produced on Melody Assistant, with no need to convert them to mp3s. It also gives you the ability to do all the things mentioned above. It’s very good for playing midi files too. The programme only came out recently and I have only had a very brief time to try it out, but I am sure many members of the choir would find it really useful. It seems quite easy to use and there is a good help file to explain the use of all the functions. To get the programme Google ‘Melody Player’ and download it from the ‘Myriad’ site http://www.myriad-online.com.   I have arranged with Tim to put files readable by Melody Player on the website, so that choir members can download them. These files are tiny compared to mp3s by the way, so you don’t need to worry about disk space.

Just for the record, I have no connection with Myriad, I am just a keen user of their software.