Christmas Concerts 2018

Audience Comments on Christmas Concerts 2018

Afternoon Concert

From the Mayor and Mayoress:  

Wonderful children’s festival; such a privilege for the children to participate and enjoy. 

We were so glad to be present with their families and see their enthusiasm. Hope this continues as a permanent feature.


Evening Concert

We really enjoyed the Christmas Concert on Saturday, so thanks to all who put so much effort into making it a resounding success.

A really good concert last night, a lot of work went into it and good for High Notes group too.

I found the piece, ‘I believe’, sung by High Notes, very moving and was in tears, it was sung so beautifully!

DDG group was very good.

So enjoyable hearing ‘walking in the air’ sung by both choirs together, when Christmas came alive, evoking childhood memories.

We really enjoyed the event (from our evening VIP guests).

Your concert was very grand – such difficult pieces!  What a cleverly constructed programme, too. The High Notes were a revelation – who knew?

My friends said they’d enjoyed it and we must have worked really hard!