Andy & Crispin’s ‘Ten Top Tips’

Those who attended the AGM will recognise the priorities listed below for the new Surrey Heath Singers:

  1. Build on the confidence and singing improvement that made the Summer concert so enjoyable, and keep that audience following us
  2.  Work together to learn notes earlier in each term so we can concentrate on how we sing and take our cue from WATCHING THE MUSICAL DIRECTOR
  3. Practice at home, breathe well, be prepared for the music that is just around the corner, work with our neighbours to produce the right notes and a good sound – and open our mouths
  4. Always let your voice rep know if you can’t attend a rehearsal and continue coming to rehearsals even if you’ve indicated that you can’t make the concert. It’s critical for the learning, the team-building and musical development. In any case, we will be increasing the ‘re-cycling’ of music which we have already learned
  5. Use the ‘launch year’ of Surrey Heath Singers to get new interest in us. We are having a strong push at businesses and a new effort to get colleges involved with us.
  6. Encourage friends and any acquaintances to come and hear us, and start to tell others by email, when we go shopping, wherever we meet people. Have our forward programme in our minds, or even our pockets, to tell local people of the good things ‘coming shortly’
  7. Step up and help with some of the activities of the choir, perhaps organising some social activities, coming and knocking on doors to get business support, and help with some publicity tasks
  8. See if we can get some young people to take an interest – we may have something new to offer them soon
  9. Whatever the Surrey Heath Singers decide to do, please be supportive because everything we undertake is chosen to make us stronger for the future
  10. Join in some of the community and external events, so that we can be seen (and heard) around the borough, and can be better appreciated.