Zoom tips

Here are some tips for using Zoom (or other videoconference systems) to get the best out of your Zoom time.

  1. Get the camera up at eye level
    Putting the camera at eye-level ensures others have a natural view of your face and not just your neck and chin. If you are using a laptop, place the laptop (safely) on a few big books on the desk or table to get the camera up to your eye-level. If you use a tablet or iPad do something similar, if possible.
  2. Light up your face
    Avoid having bright lights behind you and try to light up your face with a table lamp placed to the side or behind the camera. Try out your lighting with the camera before the Zoom starts
  3. Mute your audio when not speaking
    In bigger videoconferences keep your audio muted at all times except when speaking. This will avoid feedback and unintentional interruptions for others. Know how to unmute when needed
  4. Use Gallery-View or Speaker-View to suit your needs
    In Gallery-view you get to see multiple participants on the screen.
    In Speaker-view you see just the current speaker.
    Know how to switch between the views
  5. Know how to drive Zoom on your device
    Whether you use a laptop, Mac, iPad, tablet or smartphone – know how to drive the Zoom application
    * Hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts
    * Getting started with Zoom
  6. Be sure you have good WiFi and internet service
    Zoom requires a reasonably good internet connection and uses quite a lot of bandwidth. Try to be near to your internet WiFi router – perhaps in the same room. Check out your internet bandwidth before starting the zoom using speedtest.net or fast.com or broadbandspeedtest.org.uk
  7. Know how to re-connect
    If your Zoom session ends abruptly or you are disconnected, wait about 20 seconds and Zoom will try to re-connect. If un-successful, reconnect using the same details you used to connect initially.
  8. Try to arrive a few minutes early
    Please join the meeting a few minutes before the published start-time; in case there are problems, or you have to update the Zoom software. That way you are unlikely to be the person delaying the start of the meeting.