Rehearsal Tracks – Christmas 2021

Please print out the following pieces of music

The music for the Xmas Concert come mainly from 100 Carols for Choir

Rehearsal tracks

There’s a Power in the MusicAll Upper Lower

Warlock: Bethlehem Down – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

Holst: Christmas Day – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

From 100 Carols for Choirs

Page 6 – A babe is born – All Sop Alt Ten Bas 
Page 32 – Adam lay y boundenAll
Page 213 – Sir Christemas – All Sop1 Sop2 Alt Ten Bas  

Page 219 – Sans Day Carol – All Sop Alt Ten Bas 
Page 233 – O Little One Sweet – All Sop Alt Ten Bas  
Page 242 – Sussex Carol – All Sop1 Sop2 Alt1 Alt2 Ten1 Ten2 Bas1 Bas2 
NB: In the second tenor part the ‘ah-ah-ah’ on the notes has been replaced with ‘ta-ta-ta’ where the second choir sings. This makes the notes easier to learn in this difficult section.

Jingle Bells – All Sop Alt Ten Bas1Bas2
Coventry CarolYouTubeLyrics

Running order as of 14/12/21