Rehearsal Tracks – Coronation Mass 2015

Richard has prepared the following practice tracks in MP3 format


These practice tracks are based on midi files on the Learn Choral Music website and I wish to gratefully acknowledge that source.  There will undoubtedly be some minor differences between this source and the edition we sing from and I will update the files to match the scores as we rehearse them.  None the less, the files are certainly good enough to work from as they are.

The first 4 parts of the piece are produced in full.  Where the choir alternates with soloists the difference will be clear as the choir parts have the words and the soloists are singing “la la la” to their notes.  Both parts 5 and 6 start with lengthy solo sections and I have chopped these out, so that the tracks start with the last few bars of the solos before we come in.  Note that on all but the 1st part (Kyrie) the solo voices are emphasised as well the choir part voices.

I have heard that some users have difficulty getting these tracks to play loud enough.  There is not much I can do to make the tracks louder without causing distortion, so may I suggest that you try the VLC media player for playing them.  This plays significantly louder than Windows Media Player for example.  You can download it safely from the VLC official site .  Don’t download it from other sites, or you may get a load of unwanted stuff with it.

1 Kyrie – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

2 Gloria – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

3 Credo – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

4 Sanctus – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

5 Benedictus – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

6 Agnus Dei – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

Melody Player tracks in MYR format are here






Agnus Dei

The MP3 tracks will play in most browsers – just click on the link. You can download the MP3 tracks and copy them to you MP3-player/iPod/smartphone to practice away from your PC.  See a Post here

The MYR tracks need to be downloaded – right-click on the link – and played using Melody Player.

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