Rehearsal Tracks for Rossini Petite Messe Solonnelle 2013

Richard has prepared the following practice tracks in MP3 format

Agnus Dei – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

Credo – All Sop Alt  Ten1 Ten2 Bas

Cum Sancto –  All Sop1 Sop2 Alt1 Alt2 Ten1 Ten2 Bas1 Bas2

Et Resurrexit – All Sop Alt  Ten1 Ten2 Bas

Et Vitam Venturi – All Sop1 Sop2 Alt  Ten Bas1 Bas2

Gloria – All Sop1 Sop2 Alt  Ten1 Ten2 Bas1 Bas2

Kyrie – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

Sanctus –  All Sop Alt1 Alt2 Ten1 Ten2 Bas1 Bas2

Melody Player tracks in MYR format are here

Agnus Dei

Cum Sancto




The MP3 tracks will play in most browsers – just click on the link. You can download the MP3 tracks and copy them to you MP3-player/iPod/smartphone to practice away from your PC.  See a Post here

The MYR tracks need to be downloaded – right-click on the link – and played using Melody Player.

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