Rehearsal Tracks – Spring 2022

Haydn: Insanae – All Sop Alt Ten Bas
Click here for a PDF of the score

Mozart: Ave Verum Corpus – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

Haydn: Te Deum – All Sop Alt Ten Bas
Translation to English

Hummel: YouTube
1. Kyrie – All Sop Alt Ten Bas
2. Gloria – All Sop Alt Ten Bas
3. Credo – All Sop Alt Ten Bas
4. Sanctus – All Sop Alt Ten Bas
5. Benedictus – All Sop Alt Ten Bas
6. Agnus Dei – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

Dig Deep – All Sop1 Sop2 Alt Ten Bas [Updated 2/3/22]

Dig Deep — lyrics | YouTube | SoundCloud

And a message from Ed:
Please focus any time you have to spend on the Hummel on the areas below. All numbers below refer to bar numbers in the score unless otherwise stated!
Kyrie 42-56
Gloria 206-235 260-end
Credo 709-end
Benedictus 916-975
Angus Dei (page 37 middle system – end of page 38).

It would be good to listen through Insanae et Vanae Curae as well for the 21st.
Have a good break!