Rehearsal Tracks – Summer 2022

Crispin has prepared the following tracks:-

Everyone is recommended to listen to the Full version of these 2 songs, as well as their own voice parts. This is because the voice parts have been amplified to pump out the notes we need to learn, while the desired way of singing is very different.
LAURA is a close harmony arrangement, and the idea is that we hear lots of parts not just a melody with an accompaniment.
SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL is an extreme example of songs where the melody passes from one voice part to another, and if you don’t have the melody you mostly have to tone down and blend into a wash of support sound.

These MP3 tracks will play in most web browsers – just click on the link. You can download the MP3 tracks and copy them to your MP3-player/smartphone to practice away from your PC. – See this Post