Charity Work

Surrey Heath Singers is the performing name of Surrey Heath Choral CIO, which is a registered charity (No. 1179358 ).
Our official charitable purpose is:- “The study and practice of choral music in order to foster public knowledge and appreciation of such music by means of public performance”.

In choosing a varied programme, with a degree of background explanation of how the music came to be and how it works, we begin to address this purpose. We are looking at other ways of working, and have a special interest in encouraging young people to continue involvement with live music after they leave school. However, we believe in performing a wider charitable role, raising money and support for local good causes and encouraging other charities as we can. What we do is sing and make live music, so we use this in a number of ways:

We raise collections at some of our concerts for other charities, and give prominence to those charities in the promotion, in the programme and during the event. The Spring Concert 2014 included a collection for the mayor’s charity, the Lisa May Foundation. We have conducted street collections for other charities.

Every two years, we perform a devotional piece of choral music, such as an oratorio in Holy Week, at a number of local churches in turn, usually 5 churches. We make no charge, meet all our costs, and offer that any collection taken at the performance will be entirely for the church to apply to its chosen purpose. We are now entering discussions with local charities about ways we can sing to support events they are planning.