Choir Calendar

Click on this link to view the SHS Calendar

You can add this calendar to your other Google calendars, on your iPhone or Android device.
Add this calendar or just  View your calendar. – The Google Calendar team

How to add the SHS calendar to your Google calendar

  • add shsingersqq @ to your contacts
  • In other calendars click on the + to add calendar
  • Subscribe to calendar
  • Select shsingersqq @
  • The SHS calendar should be added to your Google calendar

How to add the SHS calendar to your Apple iPhone or iPad calendar app

  • view this YouTube video for guidance
  • follow the instructions below
  • Settings > Calendar
  • Passwords & Accounts
  • Add Account
  • Other
  • Add Subscribed Calendar
  • Server – enter server address
  • Description – SHS Calendar
  • Save

After adding this calendar to your other calendars, you can hide or completely remove it whenever you want.