Vivaldi – Gloria

Vivaldi: Gloria [updated 24 April 2016]

The source music for these files was a set of midi files from our old friend I should also mention fellow Melody Assistant user ‘Eduardo’ for adding the words; this saved me a huge amount of time.  RA – March 2016

If you downloaded tracks from here before 24 April then please download them again, as they have been updated.

01 Gloria – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

02 Et in terra pax – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

04 & 05 Gratias & Propter – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

07 Domine Fili – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

08 Domine Deus, Agnus – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

09 Qui Tollis – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

11 Quoniam – All Sop Alt Ten Bas

12 Cum Sancto – All Sop Alt Ten Bas