Myriad Files

The practice tracks are prepared using the Myriad suite of software from The output is the MP3 files which we use for practice. The Myriad software also produces MYR files. I have started to add the MYR files to the website.

Some singers find using these file which are played using the Melody Player component of the Myriad software is easier for learning the music.

The Melody Player software can be downloaded here for free.

Caution: Using Myriad is not for the inexperienced user, but it is very useful. I will add more information in due course.

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Care and handling of scores

You may recall my ranting on about the marking up that has to be removed at ‘rubbing-out parties’. The problem is exacerbated by the number of old mark-ups that remain in scores from previous users. Unfortunately, SHS is responsible for the state of the scores when they are returned to the lenders.


The picture here is a real example of a returned score, admittedly an extreme one, but not the only such page found! I don’t know if this is ‘old’ or ‘new’ marking up; the point is that SHS, as the last borrower, could be charged to remove it!

There are a number of ways you can help:

  • Firstly when you get a new score rub out any and all ‘old’ mark-ups;
  • secondly try to be frugal with your own markups;
  • thirdly use a B pencil (or softer) – never use H or (heaven forbid) pen;
  • finally, if possible remove your markups before handing the score back.

Your help will save hours and hours of tedious work and Handling and Care of Scores will be greatly appreciated.  

SHS Librarian

How to fill PDF forms

It is quite easy to fill in PDF forms. In Windows, you can use Adobe’s Acrobat DC application. Mac users will find a Mac version of the Acrobat application. Other Fill & Sign applications are available.

  • Download a free version of Acrobat DC and install it.
  • Open the PDF file with Acrobat DC
  • Using the Tools menu, select Fill & Sign
  • You can select the various fields you wish to fill – move the cursor to the field
  • Fill the fields you wish to fill using the text tool from the toolbar (marked Ab)
  • To sign using the Sign Yourself from the toolbar
  • On completion, save and print the PDF form
  • E-mail the completed PDF form back to the sender, if required

Adobe has a Fill and Sign application for Android and Apple tablets and phones.